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Patient Engagement (PE101) Series


The Patient Engagement 101 series aims to engage and empower patients and communities with the objective of improving healthcare outcomes in the Southeast and South Asia regions. Speakers mainly from South and Southeast Asia will offer explanations, case studies and share best practices towards this objective. The series is expected to facilitate patient networks and strengthen patient communities for sustained collaboration and partnerships.

Each session will be 90 minutes long and delivered via Zoom using a translation tool that allows participants to receive the information in languages of their choice. 

Session 1 Summary: Introduction to Patient Engagement

On May 16th at 9AM CET / 3PM SGT, we delved into crucial aspects of Patient Engagement, including “Areas of patient value” and “Evidence-based advocacy”. 

This first webinar was crafted as a “beginners guide” for patients and caregivers who are approaching their Patient Engagement journey, defining the role of patient organizations and advocates in the healthcare ecosystem. At the same time, keeping more advanced patient advocates in mind, the webinar identified and suggested ways to overcome cultural and systemic barriers to engagement. 

The sessions are designed to be conversational, with participants engaging with the speakers and with each other to identify problems and brainstorm solutions. 

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