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Butterfly Virtual Run

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The DEBRA Butterfly Run returns this year as a virtual run! This run is a fun distance of 5km non-competitive, family-orientated fun run with no stipulated time frame and no specific way of run. You can run, jog, walk, swim, cycle with your family or your pet.

The "rules" are simple: All distances pledged are cumulative i.e. you can cover this distance over a period of time. You may cover the distance outdoors, or on your treadmill. Just remember to take screen shots of your treadmill meter or your exercise app. Upon completion of the 5km, send us these screen shots and claim your limited edition beautiful DebraSingapore facemasks. It's that easy!


All proceeds raised will go towards defraying the hefty medical expenses and wound dressings for EB patients.

Your support is important to them, stay fit for a good cause!

Categories and Fees

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How do I participate?

Step 1: 


Step 2:  

Run/swim/walk/cycle for 5 km (at one go, over a few day) and record your distance with your exercise app

Step 3: 

Take a screenshot of your exercise app or treadmill meter 

Step 4: 

Upon completion of 5km, take a picture of your exercise app or treadmill meter and post it on your Facebook or Instagram and tag Debra Singapore (@debrasingapore). Be sure to follow Debra Singapore Facebook and Instagram so that we can lock in your proof of run and send you your gift.

A small gesture on your part will make a huge difference to the Butterfly Children and their families.

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